The Various Castor Installation Configurations

There are many Configurations to consider when installing Castors & Wheels. Different configurations will affect different aspects of the equipment, such as ease of Movement, level of Control and Stability. Larger diameter Castor wheels provide less resistance to move equipment and allow easier movement on uneven flooring surfaces. Together with the Castor Wheel Size, the Castors configuration should be considered with care. In this article we will discuss the four most popular configurations:

2 x
Swivel Castors & 2 x Fixed Castors
Ideal for Equipment that is primarily moved in one direction, with occasional turns required. As an example, consider a Trolley from a Hardware / DIY Store. It allows for maximum control & stability of heavy weight equipment and materials, however maneuverability is somewhat limited and therefore is not ideal for use in confined or congested spaces where maximum maneuverability is required.

4 x Swivel Castors
Four Swivel Castors provide ultimate maneuverability and are ideal for congested spaces or where equipment needs to be moved around obstacles or tight spaces. The increased maneuverability does compromise the level of control, and users may find it difficult to move heavy loads in a straight direction without drift. This is however the most popular configuration. You may consider a typical supermarket trolley, which is easy to maneuver but the control can be difficult when the trolley is completely full.

1 x Swivel Castors & 2 x Fixed Castors
A configuration of One Swivel Castor & Two Fixed castors provides excellent maneuverability in the tightest of spaces, however is generally only suitable for small equipment with light loads. Operators should ensure Load Distribution is equal in order to ensure stability of the equipment. If utilizing this design the Castors Load capacity should be de-rated by approx. 20%

3 x
Swivel Castors
This configuration of Three Swivel Castors provides the maximum maneuverability and is ideal for small equipment with light loads, for example hospital trolleys & equipment stands. Operators should ensure Load Distribution is equal in order to ensure stability of the equipment. If utilising this design the Castors Load capacity should be de-rated by approx. 20%

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Polyurethane Casters – The Ultimate Castor

Polyurethane casters are used worldwide in many industries and for many applications for moving heavy product & material handling applications. Its applications are countless and are preferred by many due to its non-conductive and non-marking ability. Polyurethane is used for demanding applications that require a hard wearing product, but require flexible properties of a polymer. Polyurethane Casters are used widely because they provide low rolling resistance, low noise and good level of floor protection. They provide high load capacities, abrasion and wear resistance, suitable for use with many chemicals & contaminants, and are normally suitable for use from -30degC to +80degC. You will find many different types of polyurethane casters which you can use in various ways. Most of these casters come with superior life expectancy hence the reason they are adopted by many industries.

polyurethane caster

Benefits of Polyurethane Material:

Polyurethane Castors are used in many ways and offer many advantages:

  • Abrasion-Resistant and Durable:

Polyurethane material is usually very tough as well as abrasion-resistant and can withstand high temperatures upto 80degC.

One of the most unique benefit of a Polyurethane caster wheel is that it may change its shape due to heavy load but it quickly regains its shape immediately after the load is removed, and has excellent tension and compression strength.

  • A scope for hardness:

Polyurethane material can be produced in various hardness upto 90shore A , which enables different load capacities & flexibility to be achieved. This also allows the products to exhibit low noise properties on all floor types

  • Pliability:

Polyurethane materials are generally very flexible and have the ability to elongate and recover fast.

A polyurethane material is best if you want to keep your floor safe from any sort of stains & residue. Castor Wheels made from polyurethane material protect your floor upon its movement & impact.

  • Available in different colors:

Another benefit of a polyurethane material is that it is available in many colors. Any color can be added while manufacturing polyurethane so, it also provides you a range of colours to choose from.

  • Stands against water, oil or grease:

Most polyurethane material provides resistance against water, oil and grease.

  • Fungus resistance:

A polyurethane material is usually fungus resistant and naturally become the number one choice to be used in any tropical environment.


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Our most popular castors are Rubber Castors, Polyurethane Castors & Nylon casters.

Polyurethane Castors are popular within the commercial market and are used for their High Aesthetics, as well as superior properties such as Resilience, High Wear Resistance, Floor Protection and Long Life Span, and also offer excellent High Load Capability and Resistance to many Chemicals.

Rubber Castors are typically used for the Industrial Market for their Low Noise, High Grip & suitability for Rough & Uneven flooring surfaces. One of our fastest selling products due to their relative low cost and high reliability. Typical applications Carts and Industrial Trolleys.

Another popular product from are the Nylon castors. They offer shock absorbing properties and can handle High Weight & Heavy Usage with ease. These castors work well in most chemicals, contaminants and toxics. The Nylon Wheels are Lightweight; therefore, the weight added to the equipment is minimal. Nylon is extremely hard wearing & robust, offering a long term service life. Suitable for both hard and soft flooring surfaces.

Within our Website you will also find many other Castor types, such as Furniture Castors, Non Marking Castors, Industrial Castors, Swivel Castors, Trolley wheels & Pneumatic Wheels. From Small 50mm Castors to Large 200mm Castors, you will find an extensive selection of castor wheels here at

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